SENukeX Price increase

Tonight at midnight the price for SENukeX is going up. So if you are thinking about joining SENukeX now is the perfect time. I already talked about the bonus I am giving for anyone using my link to sign up at Bonus for SENukeX.

You can signup for the free 14 day trial of SENukeX and lock the price at the current one and once you stay you wil be billed in 14 days the current price and not the increased one. Also the lifetime licence will end today. If you have the budget it’s the best deal you get as you only pay once and never have to pay again for the program. If you plan to be in this building websites and earning money from it business for a period longer then 2 years it’s a great investment.

I am no tax lawyer but here in the Netherlands any purchase you make for your business can be considered a business expense and thus deductable from your profits. So if you see it that way haveing a $127 a month expense which can make you a multipal fold in income then it’s a great ROI.
But as with anything you need to use it to make it work.

Free Trial of SENukeX : Click here

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Laser Hair Removal Calgary said,

July 10, 2011 @ 4:42 pm

Even though the price is increased, it is still totally worth it. I am a fellow Senuke X user, and have been using it for my clients with great results.

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